Welcome to the B2B-Portal of EPN!

We are dedicated to making fan products better available for European players. Operating under the wing of Asmodee, our dedicated team distributes English tabletop and multilingual board games, RPGs, puzzles, card games, expansions and miniature games to European hobby retailers.
We work closely with board game publishers from around the world to curate a diverse and exciting assortment of games that are highly sought after.

European retailers are invited to become a customer and browse our B2B-webportal with an extensive collection of new, niche and previously hard-to-get English titles. With our well-equipped warehouse in the Netherlands, we deliver all orders quickly and efficiently, so you can get your customers all the fantastic games they seek!

A Selection of Our Brands 

  • Ever expanding portfolio of english and niche titles
  • Fast and reliable shipping through all of europe
  • Attractive pricing and shipping conditions